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5 stars: Excellent

To whom it may concern,

To whom it may concern,

My name is Mr E. Chilingirian also known as TDP (Thedancinparamedic) All 1 word, and Dancing spelt without the G!
I am across all Social Media platforms and I am simply telling my story about how I stared off as a Semi-professional Kickboxer and placed 3rd in Europe in 2006. I then went onto teach Kickboxing in Greece, from there I naturally progressed into the Close Protection industry where I worked for many Celebs and very wealthy people. After that I became a full-time NHS Paramedic where I did 5 years, and then progressed onto becoming a specialist terrorism paramedic (Officially called HART - Hazardous Areas Response Team) - you can google us and find what we do and find us there.

However, after many stresses in my life happening all at the same time, I found myself not knowing who I was; where I was (Luckily I was at work and on shift!) and couldn't believe for the life of me that I was a HART Paramedic.

Anyway super long story short. I have been signed off of work for 3.5 months due to the 2 CT scans showing nothing abnormal, and within this time I have come up with my brand of TDP where I simply want to "Smash the wall down, and break the Stigma behind the two words of Mental Health".
...Because well!...

Erm...First of all I never thought it could happen to "Someone like me!" but it really did, and it kicked my ar** better than anyone was able to do when i was in the ring competing.

Since I started my brand, I have been on JazzFM, BBC Radio London, and had many many many sponsorship talks, and silent sponsors come towards me and offer me great things too.

However I will never lose my ultimate goal and mission/MY PURPOSE to simply be myself and openly talk about Mental Health (My ultimate goal is to be the Mental Health Ambassador, not just for the UK, but for the world)
and truly help everybody not only notice that EVERYBODY suffers from Mental Health to a certain degree! But to be open about talking about it too.

Anyway, the point I'm making here (Which i know hasn't been to clear just yet!) is that Ltd Companies have been amazing and made the whole journey of setting my companies (Yes I own more than 1 Ltd Company) and I just felt it right/correct to leave them a message and say how great they all are...Well! At least everybody I spoke to and have communicated with has been anyway :-)

Throughout my time of starting the business/brand (Which was officially on February the 14th of this year 2021) TDP has been growing at an incredible rate, and a very small part of that is to do with "Ltd Companies".
However you definitely need all parts of a machine to work :-) for the entirety of the machine to work at its best.
So thank you again.

Kind regards,

Mr E. Chilingirian AKA Thedancinparamedic :-)

5 stars: Excellent

David and his very friendly colleague…

David and his very friendly colleague Franchesca made the process of setting up a Business Phone Number ridicuously Stress Free :-)
They were an absolute P_L_E_A_S_U_R_E 2 Work With. And I highly highly HIGHLY recommend them.
...Thank you once again for everything you have done for me to date.

Written with love;

From The TDP Team (TTT). Who are not just Breaking the Stigma of those 2 words "Mental Health". But ABSO-FRIGGIN-LOOT-LEE Smashing the Wall of Mental Health once and for all.

From Thedancinparamedic (All 1 word. Dancing spelt without the G)
- Found on Utube, IG, Twitt-er & Linkd-In.


Have a Gr8 day every1 :-)