Luis De Gouveia

United Kingdom
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Problem to solve! Thank you!

Until now, it seemed like a great idea to use transferwise and its options to simultaneously manage accounts in several currencies. But today that I needed to use one of the balances to make a local transfer, it is taking today ... !!! In one business day ... !!! banking...!!! more than (14 hours). Problems like this shouldn't happen, as one of the reasons for having a transferwise account is the offer of immediacy between transactions. Understand that businesses and opportunities and transactions between them managed by us, are the true origin of the demand for an immediate currency transfer since opportunities and businesses do not wait, they must be closed with the greatest immediacy. That 0.3 missing for 5 may have to do with details like this. Thank you.!

Reply from Wise (formerly TransferWise)
Hello, Luis,
In many cases Balance transfers can be very quick, even instant, but it can also depend on the currency route - While we can send out the payment quickly, receiving banks would still need to process them at their own speeds, which we do not control.

Our support team can take a closer look at this and see what might be causing an issue, if you can contact us directly here: https://wi.se/contactus

Best wishes,
TransferWise Team