United Kingdom
Review of Appliances Direct
4 stars: Great

Initial delivery delay but all was well in the end.

We did have a slight hiccup with this order. The original item was supposed to have been delivered on 12th June but shortly before then, we received an email saying that delivery would not now be until 8th July. As the item in question was a BBQ, this was a bit too late. We, therefore, cancelled the order and ordered an alternative product which was delivered the following day.

Review of Magoloft
1 star: Bad

Do not touch with a barge pole!

Ordered a HIRUNDO New Electric Cleaning Brush and was informed that it was on its way on 10th November with a tracking number. The tracking information (in Chinese!) showed it hadn't gone anywhere since 15th November with an alert indicating it may not have made it through customs and had been returned to sender.

Sent a detailed email (with info from the tracking information) asking for a refund. Got a reply asking me to pick a category from a list. I replied, picking a category, repeating the original info. Got a reply "We are sorry that our size is not to your satisfaction" plus other irrelevant waffle. I replied asking them to actually read my email. Nothing heard since.

Hopefully I can get a refund from my credit card company.

Please don't fall into the trap of ordering from this scam outfit!

Review of Omlet
5 stars: Excellent

Outdoor Cat Run (12' x 9')

We ordered an outdoor cat run (12' x 9' - the largest available) for the garden in our new home as we wanted to confine our cats to house and garden but couldn't fence the entire garden in.
The lead time was several weeks but it actually arrived a couple of weeks earlier than anticipated.
It was easy to assemble with the help of my son-in-law and grandson. However, there were 4 mesh roof panels missing which I reported the following morning. The missing panels arrived the following day.

Review of Home Done
4 stars: Great

A sturdy and good looking piece of furniture but watch out for issues with assembly.

The wardrobe was delivered to schedule (we didn't opt for the assembly service as we needed to decorate the bedroom first). It arrived in 4 boxes (which the delivery team placed in the garage for me) two of which contained the mirror doors. These were opened in my presence and checked for damage.
Despite the parts not being labelled (for some reason they seldom are these days) the assembly instructions were sufficiently clear (after a bit of thought) to avoid mistakes. I also received a YouTube link in an email showing the product (or one very like it) being assembled.
The only problems were a follows:
1. The bar that fits on the cams at the top of the wardrobe was too long! I had to saw a bit off. The bar is located behind uprights which glue in place on either side so the cut end isn't visible.
2. The diagram showed the top rail clips on the doors being pushed upwards to engage the top rail and then secured in place by tightening a screw. That's fine for the inner door and the right hand clip on the outer door but the inner door prevents access to the left hand clip on the outer door! It was possible to push it up but it was impossible to tighten the screw as there is just a 1cm (if that) gap between the inner and outer doors where they overlap. The clip just fall down. I fixed the problem by pushing the clip up into place and securing it with a bit of blue tack pushed into place on the end of a screw driver.
Now that the wardrobe is assembled, it is certainly a sturdy and good looking piece of furniture.

Review of Furniture Factor
3 stars: Average

Problematic assembly

Assembling this wardrobe was problematic.

1. Nothing was labelled, not even the packets of fixings, so determining which part was which or which screw to use was a process of elimination.
2. Whilst the framework assembled pretty well, there was one dowel for which the locating hole was considerably out of alignment. I had to remove the dowel.
3. Once the framework was assembled and the wardrobe raised to its stand, a plastic track for the sliding doors had to be attached right at the bottom with nine screws and no pilot holes. I had to enlist the help of my 14 year old granddaughter who had to lie on her stomach to mark where the screws were going to be, drill pilot holes and then affix the track. I see no reason why fixing this track could not have been done much earlier in the process when it was much more accessible.
4. The sliding doors wouldn't! every which was we tried them, over two days, the left hand bottom bracket on the outer door kept catching on the right hand bottom bracket of the inner door preventing them from sliding across each other. In desperation, I removed the left hand bottom bracket from the outer door. I now have doors that slide over each other but the outer door has only one bracket in the bottom track rather than the two it should have.

On a more positive note, all the packaging was very well designed to protect the contents from damage in transit. Indeed, all the strips of chip board, hardboard and veneer that I assumed would be used somewhere in the assembly process turned out to be just packaging. The wardrobe also looks nice in situ.