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Review of Ziffit
1 star: Bad

£10 worth of my books were rejected…

£10 worth of my books were rejected despite all my items being in good condition. Ziffit will not return the rejected items so it's both dodgy and a complete waste. As items could be donated to charity.
Would not use again. There are better apps out there

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Review of Milk & More
3 stars: Average

Its a great idea and mostly delivers

Its a great idea and mostly delivers.
Very disappointed that they didnt have the staff to fufill my christmas order. I had to go to the shop on christmas eve!
Ive been short delivered a few times.
Their website is a bit rubbish, not user friendly. Lets you put stuff in your basket but then asks you to log in and you lose everything in the basket.
Phoning them is awful. You are told your call will be answered in 5 mins then it increases to 10 then 15 whilst you are holding.
Says there is webchat but I cant find it on the contact page.
I continue to use as I wish to decrease my plastic usenot because they are a great company.