James K

United Kingdom
Review of Mofono
3 stars: Average

o2 blocked me!

The app works as expected, but beware 02 contacted me today after around a month of using to Block my number due to the large amount of texts being sent. they have lifted this after explaining I have removed the app though, different providers may not have this issue. Mofono hasn't don't anything wrong but like me I'm sure you haven't going through the t&c's of your phone contract and you might get stung

Review of Roov
5 stars: Excellent

Great website

Great website - easy to use. Good prices too!

Review of Starling Bank
4 stars: Great

Happy, but cant use at pay at pump

I have been using stirling for a month now and i am very happy with the Account and the app, although i would only ever use it as a secondary account. the reason i am giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is i was left a little caught out when i tryed to use the pay at pump at a 24 hour petrol station and it wouldnt work. since the kiosk was closed i have to go somwhere else and only just made it!

Reply from Starling Bank
Hi James, thanks a lot for your four-stars review, we really appreciate it. When it comes to the pay at pump issue that you have experienced as there is a UK-wide issue with this, after consultation with industry bodies, we've had to implement restrictive anti-fraud measures to tackle the issue. At the moment some of our customers will be asked to pay at the till and we continually monitor and update our fraud rules over time. Thanks again for your feedback. Team Starling.
Review of
1 star: Bad

Submitted my documents to apply for a…

Submitted my documents to apply for a new account 2 weeks ago nothing heard from them yet.

Reply from Bó
Thanks for your response. I agree, your application took far too long. We had a few teething problems due to the number of applications we received. I'm pleased to say we have fixed the issues and are back on track. Do you have any feedback now you're up and running?
Review of Klarna US
1 star: Bad

After speaking to live chat the agent…

After speaking to live chat the agent advised me they don't accept letters? I don't understand this.

Reply from Klarna US
Hello James,

We're sorry to hear that your customer service experience was not positive.

We would love to hear more about what you wanted to send a letter about, because we do have customers mail in documentation for specific situations, so it would not be accurate to say in general that we don't accept letters.

If you could please reach out to us via chat through www.klarna.com/us or the Klarna app, or send us an email at [email protected] with some details about what information you wanted to convey in your letter, and we'll be very happy to help you find out where to direct that message!

Thank you for reaching out to us, and have a great weekend!

- Donna
Review of iD Mobile
1 star: Bad

Terrible service

Terrible service, Setting up online went smoothly but as soon as you have to call their customer service line it all goes wrong. Firstly the Automated service is terrible. First, you have to enter details and navigate a terrible menu only to be answered and asked about 5 data protection questions by the advisor. and the advisors seem to be from South Africa and can't understand anything said and despite acknowledging answers given they continued to give the wrong information.

Tried to charge a cancelation fee despite being well within my 14 days. I had mentioned many times before this is a new plan and I hadn't even received my sim yet. asked me to used online service but I couldn't even register as I hadn't received the sim.

Reply from iD Mobile
Hi James. We're sorry to see that your experience has not been good and that you decided to cancel your plan before receiving your SIM.

It would appear that your request may not have been understood and we apologise if you had difficulty communicating with our team.

If you can provide us with the details of your call we'll ensure this is passed on to our quality team for review.

Please email [email protected] to do this, thank you.