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Hank Silverman

Review of Tacticon
5 stars: Excellent

Finally the holster I’ve looked for!

Got my holster very quickly and couldn’t be happier. I literally have tried at least 6 various holsters of different materials and designs for an under the belt carry. This is the first one that works, functions, is incredibly comfortable, and has an acceptable profile. I highly recommend this Belly Holster.

Review of Mimeo Photos
5 stars: Excellent

Very pleased with results, convenience, and speed.

Using the mobile app was convenient due to easy access of my camera roll from my phone. The upload was simple.

After in camera editing, the acrylic encased 5X7 photo exactly matched the photo in my camera roll. This has not occurred with other comparable companies where there were noticeable color shifts. I like the fact that I can edit and see the results just as I wanted.

The quality of the acrylic, photo, and stand were excellent, as was the speed with which the finished photo arrived.

I will certainly use Mimeo again.

Reply from Mimeo Photos
Hi Hank,

Thank you for the wonderful 5-star review. We are so happy that you chose Mimeo Photos to create your special project. Refer a friend at and you’ll both receive 20% off your next order!

The Mimeo Photos Team
Review of William Henry
5 stars: Excellent

The definition of timeless excellence

Customer service is exceptional. Craftsmanship, artistic excellence, heirloom quality.

Review of Bravo Concealment
5 stars: Excellent

The BCA Seems to Be Just What I Was Looking For

I received the BCA holster quickly and it came just as I ordered.

I have not had a chance to use the holster, but spent time adjusting the retention just a little and drawing my Glock to establish familiarity.

The holster looks very sturdy and well made.
I especially like how close it fits to my body as this will be for my Glock 43. I think it will barely leave an imprint most of the time, and this is what I was looking for. I think the pancake style belt loops help the close fit.

I’m anxious to give it a try at the range.

Review of Luggage Online
5 stars: Excellent

Perfect Online Shopping Experience.

The site was easy to navigate; the selection was excellent (they even had a color that the manufacturer's site was backordered on). The luggage was delivered right on time, and it was exactly as described.
I will definitely use this site exclusively for luggage purchases.

Reply from Luggage Online
We are so happy we were able to accomodate you. Glad you enjoyed our user friendly navigation. You made the right choice for your travel companion!
-Customer Service
Review of William Henry
5 stars: Excellent

Could Not Be Happier In Every Respect

First, the crushed carbon fiber and silver bracelet is absolutely fantastic. It looks classy without being overpowering, and it is very unique. It is just exactly what I was looking for.

Second, customer service was the best! Sharon was so helpful, friendly, and fun to work with. She went out of her way to take and send photographs, make measurements of sizes, and offer advice. I wish there were more employees out there in the world that showed such concern for my ultimate happiness with the purchase. Sharon is a valuable asset to a fine company.

Review of William Henry
5 stars: Excellent

Craftmanship, creativity, products to be passed down.

The title says it all! William Henry combines hand made quality with exquisite design and incredibly unique materials. These are beautiful and special products not for those who want average. The creativity, craftmanship, and one of a kind nature of all their products ensure that they will become family heirlooms.

Review of William Henry
5 stars: Excellent

Great product, great service.

If you care about high quality, handmade knives and men's jewelry of exquisite design and the rarest of materials you can go to only one place, William Henry. They produce heirlooms.