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We are happy with your positive words, thank you!
Review of Undiemeister®
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Going the extra mile makes a difference…

Some time ago I had purchased two pair on Undiemeister boxer shorts. All went perfectly and order received and started to wear them. Several weeks after receipt, I received an e-mail from their customer service advising that something had gone wrong in their production process. Did not think anything about it as I was more than satisfied, but I kept getting regular updates from their service unit.
All of a sudden, I received 4 new pair of boxer shorts! I had not ordered these and advised Undiemeister that I would return as not purchased!
Next thing, I get a super e-mail form Kelly/ CS and she advised, " your original purchase is being replaced and an additional 2 pair free. "

Now replacing the original two, even though I had not complained is super, but in also giving an addition two pair as a service to its customer is over the top and truly "customer focused" It is not often that a companies product and its service, are both tops.
Sincere compliments to Undiemeister and her customer service dept.

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Dear Guy,

Thank you for your positive review! We want to surpass our customers expectations, and when we doubt about our quality, we take no chances.

Glad to be of service and we hope to see you back again soon!

Friendy regards and enjoy your undies!
4 stars: Great
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Bedankt voor je positieve review!
Review of Undiemeister®
5 stars: Excellent

I have been a fan of SAXX (Canadian…

I have been a fan of SAXX (Canadian brand) for years now, but I tried your product recently with an order of 3 pair. I now will deff re-order an additional 2 or 3 pair in the near future....

Review of Zitmaxx Wonen
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Hendrik I believe was name of the chap…

Hendrik I believe was name of the chap that helped us, and he was tops! Really was and great in showing us the options that were possible, and clear in replies to our questions. We had heard of your store via other freinds and they were right. A very good place to look and rthe service was great. It will be some time before chair delivered,but up to now more than satified and pleased with our finding a new store for the future. Before we buy anyhting, we will deffinitely come and look at your options....

Cheers Guy.

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Dear Guy, thanks for your nice message! First of all, of course we would like to thank your friends who recommended our store! We are glad that you have been so well advised by our colleague Hendrik and we will certainly pass on your compliments to him. We wish you a lot of fun with the new chair! :)
Review of Studentaanhuis
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Super service and happy that I am …

Super service and happy that I am helping, even if in a small way, a student on his or her way in their studies... Deff will be calling your service for further assistance when the need arises.
Thanks a lot,


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I have used Cheap Ticket.NL many times in the past, and have never been disappointed in their service and what was offered. It is mainly due to this positive track record that I remain a repeat customer, and repeat customers are the best to have in my view. It is the confirmation that what is being done for the customer, is indeed having the desired effect..