Martyn Dix

United Kingdom
Review of Appliances Direct
4 stars: Great

Arrived within the prescribed time…

Arrived within the prescribed time (although the 30 minute warning telephone call from the crew was not made - "we were delivering just around the corner and didn't have time"!)

Packaging in good order as were the machines which are now up and running after I place then in the correct locations ands connected.

Review of Abena UK
3 stars: Average

Eco-friendly manufacture?

I decided to try this Company's Abena Man Formula 1 Incontinence pads mainly because of their Eco-friendly manufacture. I was therefore surprised that the outer packaging was in plastic rather than paper or a cardboard box. I also found the the adhesive fixing is not as strong as some of the opposition products.

The absorbency is satisfactory and the pads are comfortable to wear apart from their tendency to slip and roll-up due to poor adhesion.

Review of Phonak
2 stars: Poor

I've had two sets of Phonak

I've had two sets of Phonak aids over the years supplied by Boots HearingCare. On the whole I've been very happy with the hearing Aids and the service I've received from HearingCare.

Over the years I've noticed that I have a build-up of dead skin forming between the Tragus and the Intertragel Notch which can be itchy and sometimes painful. This is almost certainly an allergy to the plastic sheathing to the hearing aid wiring.

I emailed Phonak directly asking them advice as to how I could solve this problem. They replied by 'passing the buck' to HearingCare who in turn referred me to my doctor (in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic!)

Phonak must have come across this problem before and after the large amount of money I have spent on their hearing aids, I consider their customer service is far from satisfactory. In future I will buy from a different manufacturer - the only way to teach these people is to 'walk away'.

Review of Yodel
5 stars: Excellent

Item delivered on time in good…

Item delivered on time in good condition by very pleasant driver. Particularly liked the tracking information in the delivery emails.

Reply from Yodel
Hi, thank you for the positive review. We appreciate it. As we do strive to provide quality service to customers. Have a lovely day. Kind regards Yodel Social Media Team.
Review of Natural Soap
5 stars: Excellent

Everything recyclable!

I've just received an online purchase of two bars of shampoo soap from this company. I am always trying to find ways of trying to minimise the plastic bottles the majority of these bathroom liquids arrive in.

This shampoo came in a neat little cardboard box, sealed with brown paper tape - even the filler chips used to stop the soap rattling around are made from corn starch. Everything recyclable!

It smells gorgeous too - cant wait to try it.

Review of The Ringley Group
1 star: Bad

Employ Ringley - THINK again!

In December 2011 the Managing Director of Ringley gave a glowing report as to how Ringley would manage our property including a much vaunted IT Approach to Property Management.

Since the Company has managed the property, we have had SEVEN different Property Managers over a period of just six and a half years. One of these had a nervous breakdown for some months before it was discovered by Ringley, when very little or no management of the block occurred. A 2nd Property Manager had bouts of absence through sickness for over a year and her cover whilst she was away did nothing. Out of the seven, I would say that only two were really competent.

Our last effective Property Manager mysteriously disappeared from the scene in mid-July 2018. Since that time, virtually no management occurred apart from the payment of the monthly cleaning, gardening invoices and Ringley reimbursing themselves their own fees as well as those of their in-house Legal Department (these monies were withheld when the Service Charge and Contingency Fund were handed over to the new Managing Agents in December 2018 to cover the full Notice Period). In September 2018 we had an important deadline for insurance purposes. We had previously asked for three quotes to be obtained and in the end we had to procure these ourselves and monitor the work.

There is always a reluctance to withdraw instructions from a Management Company because of inevitable problems that a handover will cause, but our Directors could see no other course of action because of the total breakdown of management procedures.

Before and since the handover, our new Managing Agents had experienced difficulties in obtaining information to properly continue with management. This has not been helped by residents of the block receiving Service Charge Demands after the changeover date as well as in some cases reminders of non-payment! We had also been informed that the monthly inspection of the block had been carried out - again well after Ringley were dis-instructed, not something to inspire confidence in a Managing Agent! Someone had forgotten to switch off the infallible computer!

We also received an offer of a partial refund of fees, but this in fact was never made. Also an admission by Ringley that they considered they had not managed our property correctly and a further letter on how "Deeply Saddened” they were to see us go!

We consider that Ringley has given the term “managing agent” an even worse reputation than it already has – this is particularly galling as they are a member of the RICS.

We feel that we should have been fully compensated by the return of all Management fees charged from 1st August 2018 because of their ‘admitted’ incompetency over that period, leading to the directors of the Company having to spend endless hours trying to unravel "the mess” that Ringley left us in. Our residents also have had to pay in effect "double fees” for the three month overlap period since our new managing agents have been acting on our behalf.

If you are even considering employing Ringley or any of its subsidiaries to act on your behalf – THINK AGAIN!"

Review of
1 star: Bad

How can customers have any faith in this Company?

SEE THEIR REPLY BELOW - Months after the Original Review was posted!

Jolly good way to not deal with complaints - give a wrong email address!!!!!!


I took out a car insurance with this company. The quote was obtained in early January, but due to a computer glitch I was unable to register online.

I have just tried to register again but the site will not allow this. I rang customer support to discover that problems with the software have still not been resolved.

It seems incredible to me that after nearly two months their site is not working properly. How can customers have any faith in this Company?

Reply from
Hi Martyn,

Thank you for your review and feedback. I'm sorry you have had a negative experience with us. Please e-mail us at [email protected] including your policy reference and contact number and I can look into this for you - we'll be happy to help.

Thanks from Victoria at MORE TH>N
Review of
2 stars: Poor

I was the Executor for my Mother's Will…

I was the Executor for my Mother's Will - she died nearly three years ago.
I have just received a renewal note from More Th>n!
My Mother's insurance on the contents was changed to my name as insurance cover was needed until the sale of the property. When the house was sold, the insurance was cancelled and a refund on the excess payment was made and that should have been the end of the matter.!
No, out of the blue comes a reminder regarding insurance cover which does not exist with just a reference and no address of the property. This smacks of fraud as I could have easily paid on this reminder being an old man myself in my 80th year. My Mother died at the age of 103.
On ringing the Company I was told that the Policy had been cancelled but that the cancellation was not noted on the computer records.
By pure chance I have motor cover from this company which is also a major headache as the computer has not been allowing me to register. I am hoping that their inefficiencies will not affect me further,

Reply from
Thank you for your review. I am very sorry your experience wasn't as it should have been, especially regarding such a sensitive matter. We appreciate you providing this feedback, I have forwarded it onto the appropriate team to help us improve our service. Please contact us on [email protected] if you need anything further. Thanks from Victoria at MORE TH>N.
Review of Travelodge
1 star: Bad

Insult to injury,

I have just spent 90 minutes trying to make an online booking for one of their hotels near Manchester. I've tried with three different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as Travelodge's own App. Each time I have been taken through the booking process, but when I come to make the payment, it just gets stuck!

This is not the first time this has happened to me. When I went through previously to complain and make a telephone booking, to add insult to injury, I was charged a booking fee!

This time I am "voting with my feet" and going to the opposition!

Review of Garnier
2 stars: Poor

Why does Garner repeatedly use phrases …

Why does Garner repeatedly use phrases such as "89% of users loved...." when the representative sample they use is, say, 123 persons or there abouts.
This is statistically meaningless, so why do they do it .... because "we deserve it"?

Review of Brandrefill
5 stars: Excellent

Excellent Service

Arrived in only a few days, neatly packed and just what I ordered with a good saving over the retail price elsewhere

5 stars: Excellent


I ordered a Tri-wheel Walker from the Company and it arrived the next day! It was easy to assemble and has been a great help in me getting around

Reply from
Wow Martyn what a speedy delivery that was, so pleased that you found the assembly easy, and that it's a great help in you getting around. Hope it continues to help you for many years to come. RDK Customer Team.