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Trustpilot is free for everyone

Anyone with a buying or service experience can write a review and any business can use our basic services completely free of charge to invite their customers to review them.

Who can write a review?
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Did you know?

90% of the 529,000+ websites on Trustpilot use our platform for free

Businesses can choose our free or paid services

We operate what's commonly called a 'freemium' business model and make most of our money from businesses subscribing to our software services. Advertising makes up the rest.

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A great TrustScore starts with great customer service

There are no shortcuts to great customer service. Businesses have to put in the effort to collect feedback, engage with their customers and put to use the insights they get. Without that effort, using Trustpilot won’t lead to a higher star rating or TrustScore and there are, of course, no guarantees.

Like with any service you can subscribe to, the real benefit comes with using it – regardless of whether you're on a free or paid plan. Paying businesses that actively invite their customers to leave reviews have an average review star rating of 4.47, and active businesses on our free plan have an average review star rating of 4.25 (as at October 2020).

Since actively inviting people to leave reviews can influence the star rating and TrustScore, we make it clear to everyone how businesses use Trustpilot and whether they’re asking for reviews, have claimed their profile on Trustpilot, or are yet to do either.

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Fair and equal treatment

As an independent review platform whose mission is to bring consumers and businesses together, we take a neutral stance towards reviews. For example, no business can pay to have reviews delayed or removed and everyone has to follow the same rules.

Our Content Integrity Team gives equal treatment to businesses that use Trustpilot for free and those that subscribe to our services. Our commitment to fairness and creating a level playing field provides the very foundation on which we operate and we’re passionate about keeping it that way.

A review platform for everyone

"From the very beginning, part of the fabric of Trustpilot has been to make sure both companies and consumers can use our platform for free. We’ll never compromise on being open and we’re continuously working to bring more transparency to the reviews industry as a whole."

Jan Jivmark
Senior Marketing Director, Trustpilot

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