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Robert Munk - Global Director of Content Integrity

Real reviews, in real time

We give everyone a voice. Reviews are published instantly. No censoring. No delays. Everyone can share their experiences and companies can freely invite and respond to reviews.

How reviews work
Corporate photo of Robert Munk, Trustpilot's Global Director of Q&C Operations

Carolyn Jameson - Chief Legal & Policy Officer

See how we combat fake reviews

We work hard to make sure you’re reading reviews based on real experiences. Clever software backed up by real people applying our guidelines help ensure the reviews on Trustpilot are genuine. See how we protect our platform.

Combating fake reviews
Corporate photo of Carolyn Jameson, Trustpilot's Chief Legal & Policy Officer

Peter Mühlmann - CEO & Founder

Free for everyone

Anyone with a buying or service experience can write a review and any company can use our basic services completely free of charge. So how do we make money? Learn more about our business model.

Our business model
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Mandy Chilcott - Head of Policy & Public Affairs

Playing by the rules

Looking for our policies, terms or guidelines? You’ve come to the right place.

Legal guidelines
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