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5 stars: Excellent

First proxy ever

This is my first time using ZenMarket and it went so well! Fees aren’t as expensive as the other proxies I looked up. The site has detail instructions which makes the site easy to navigate. One thing though, it’s not easy to find certain items that I want in ZenMarket’s search-bar so I went to the sites themselves and copy pasted the link (Amazon and Yahoo Auctions). Estimated time of arrival is the same as the time they arrived to the warehouse. I chose EMS for shipping and it said that it will take atleast 1 week for my items to get shipped, but it only took me 4 days (actually 3 days if you don’t count Sunday). I’m from the US, shipping costed more than the items itself and I was already expecting it. Since this is my first proxy, idk what is “expensive” or “not” but I think the shipping wasn’t too expensive for me. Lastly, my items are just plushies but they packed my items so well that it took me awhile to open it.