1 star: Bad

Not able to make contact with them at…

Not able to make contact with them at all. Since then we have been told that this Company went in Liquidation, taking ours and other people's money with them.

1 star: Bad

This company filed for voluntary…

This company filed for voluntary liquidation in Feb 2020

1 star: Bad



1 star: Bad

Another Casualty - No Reply - No Refund!!!!!!

I'm guessing the company have ceased trading....... no reply to emails & phone number no longer valid. I have travel insurance but this doesn't seemed to be covered. Looks like we have lost the best part of £100. :(

1 star: Bad

No service, no refund - beware

We booked and paid (as part of the booking) for cancellation insurance as a "safety net" because of the ongoing pandemic. Our weekend abroad was cancelled and the company are refusing to reimburse or explain why they will not reimburse. Now unable to contact the company. I would not use them.

1 star: Bad

NEVER EVER use this service. Cowboy operator/scam!

Never use this service, the most disgusting level of customer service I have ever come across and they car was returned filthy and with visible damage and proof they had driven my car whilst it was with them. We will be taking further action and reporting the company to trading standards as this company should not be in service.

On arrival at Gatwick at 1pm I called WeDeal Meet and Greet to drop my car, they told me I was booked in at 2:30pm which I explained was the time of my flight (I had provided them with my flight details) they shouted at me on the phone and said you either give £15 in cash to the driver to come now or come back at 2:30pm, the man then hung up the phone. With no choice as I couldn't miss my flight I paid the driver £15 cash. On arrival back to Gatwick at 11:45pm my car was returned completely filthy, I had only been away a week and the dirt and dust collected looked as though it had been left for months. The petrol level was almost empty (not how we left it) and the milage had gone up a considerable amount. The driver who dropped the car back offered no explanation and said to contact head office. I sent pictures in an email to the customer service person I had emailed and have had no response. Their office line is no longer in operation and having driven my car home and seeing it in the light of day they have left damage to the front bumper and, my front licence plate has been broken and one of the tires was almost flat. I have had no response to my request for them to pay for a valet service on the car or a refund for my payment from parking there.

1 star: Bad


Still owe me £120 and a CCJ later! Do not use. Let me down when no one came to collect my car!

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1 star: Bad

Waste of Space

Non responsive to emails, Phone calls and now the website is down and not responding.
Same experience as other customers. I paid additional for insurance and they won’t give me my money back. They’re only offering a credit note or suggesting I claim on my travel insurance! which mine has been canceled due to Covid.
Ridiculous having paid for insurance not to receive refund. My credit card company has been informed as it’s a service I have not received but paid for.

1 star: Bad

Not Answering emails - are they still operating?

Similar story to the rest in that had a voucher from a previous cancelled trip.
Made enquiries to use it for re-booked holiday, only to be asked to pay a little more as costs had gone up...
Based on the fact that their website does not work and I asked if they were still operating and could be trusted to be there....
That's when it all went quiet and basically tells me what I need to know.
Don't use this company as I'm not sure if they are operating but will probably still take your money.

1 star: Bad


I've booked with this company before and had always found them to be efficient, friendly, and always on time. So what's gone wrong? I booked for a trip to America, and needless to say, the trip was cancelled due to Covid-19. No problem, I email the company and ask for either a refund, or a voucher. No reply, so I email again, no reply, so I phone, no answer? This went on until my trip date passed, no reply to numerous emails, nobody answering the phones. I now assume I've lost the £86.00 I paid, which is a shame because I'll never use this company again, and will actively advise everyone else not to.
Many companies have handled this pandemic situation very well, keeping customers informed, and going the extra mile to provide good customer relationships, but not this company. In my opinion I think they've taken advantage of the situation, kept a low profile, and kept the money they were paid to provide a service.

2 stars: Poor

I too was offered a voucher and an…

I too was offered a voucher and an extra 15% to use for the next booking, I am prepared to book again and I get once a week rubbish e mails, asking for more money but not telling me how much the parking is going to cost. Think I will have to give up. e mails come in the middle of the night, makes me think not a uk company.

1 star: Bad

Another disgruntled customer

I Booked to travel to Amsterdam and paid in advance plus cancellation insurance. when I requested a voucher not a refund due to covid and all flights cancelled was advised I requested after flight date so sorry ive lost my money. T's & C's
On second email was advised as a gesture of good will would offer me a 20% refund. Reason for cancellation was a global pandemic, nobody could fly I see gesture an an insult not goodwill.
Now Wedeal meet and greet still not answering their phone and ignoring emails. For sure like many other reviewers I will not let this drop as it is a matter of principle, I have even offered that they donate the money to charity rather thgan they keep it which I am waiting to hear back.

1 star: Bad

Bad experience no refund in spite of insurance

Same experience as another customer. I paid extra for insurance and they won’t give me my money back. They’re only offering a credit note or suggesting I claim on my travel insurance! Makes a nonsense of already having paid insurance. I’ll be taking it up with my credit card as it’s a service I won’t be receiving. My understanding is they will reimburse me and recover it from the Company. I will update positive news if I hear back with a reply - a reply that says they’ll refund of course!

5 stars: Excellent

Great Customer service

A very pleasant and efficient service regarding the cancellation due to Covid 19. Thank you

1 star: Bad

Booked car parking with cancellation…

Booked car parking with cancellation cover which has not been honored. If I did not have it I would have accepted a credit note. But I did. I paid extra for it and they have done nothing. Total breach of contract. I'll be taking this further with Citizens advice as they refuse to answer emails.

1 star: Bad

Why Would You Trust Them ?

Shocked to have received an email, from this company, where due to the world virus issue, I had to unfortunately cancel my holiday and the booked parking, however, the company is refusing to return my money, only offering a voucher or for me to make a claim, through my insurance.

My shock, is that I paid this company an extra payment, which allows me to cancel the arranged parking, for which the company had accepted, my cancellation and for which I cancelled, well in time or 2 weeks, before I was to use their parking.

So you tell me if you would trust, a company who ask and receives a cancellation fee, then refuses to return your money ?

5 stars: Excellent

Having to cancel booking as unable to…

Having to cancel booking as unable to travel abroad because of the Coronavirus, the offer of an extended credit note was acceptable.

5 stars: Excellent

Great service

Due to current circumstances and holidays being cancelled, I contacted We Deal and Meet to cancel our car parking, I wanted to support the company in these times and was happy to take a credit note, the company was brilliant to deal with, with no quibbles, they gave me a credit note, it was going to last for a year, I emailed back to say we were looking at booking our cancelled holiday for the same time next year which was 5 days after the credit note ran out, they came straight back and extended the credit note ! Great service, great company.

5 stars: Excellent

Great response to my issue with cancelled flight

Great response to my issue with cancelled flights due to Covid-19. Very quick reply offering credit note for future parking 😀

Would def use again

1 star: Bad

Daylight Robbery

I have given 1 star only because I was able to make a booking,unfortunately coronavirus raised its ugly head,our flights to Miami were cancelled meaning I would obviously NOT need the parking I booked.I e-mailed to request a refund as the cancellation was out of my control,I received NO reply,although they say they did.When I did receive their e-mail it was written in such poor English it was difficult to understand.I took up the claim with Barclays who also say they cannot recover the booking costs (£206).Today,13/5/20 I have received notification of a refund from Viagogo for tickets booked for a concert which has also been cancelled.My question is this.HOW can one company say there will be no refund and another makes a refund almost immediately and their only excuse is that it’s in T&Cs.So how many other people’s money have they kept. They must look at coronavirus as a financial godsend.