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Very nice product and service from…

Very nice product and service from Solar Plants. I learned a lot because they were answering my questions regarding technical things. I will recommend this to everyone I know.

1 star: Bad

Failed to mention that we would be in a…

Failed to mention that we would be in a 25 year contract also mislead into believing you wouldn't have to pay a penny you know because your saving money? So I spend what 30-£40 a month on electric which with solar panels I end up paying what £30 exactly a month yet I then also have to pay them £30 hold on how the hell am I saving anything?? I was told the money would come from my electric provider and what I normally spend on electric the money that iv saved would be taken from the supplier instead :/ oh do you also forget to mention that you are a fraud and tell us that the council will be enforcing them soon anyway and that you also forge signatures!! You will be beaten and taken down!!

1 star: Bad

Dont. worry now they are bust.

The SolarEdge Inverter they fitted works fine, but their Sales representative's promise of enhanced performance was simply not true. Using advanced statistical methods myself and my brother ( a statistics PHS) proved that the promises wee highly improbable. I then received a £1000 refund from Solar Plants Ltd.

The installation team were very loud and so incompetent that they initially installed the Inverter in the Loft, where only a Cat Burglar could move around and the controls were not accessible, and had to be caused to come back to install in the garage.

The Monitoring of SolarEdge inverters is easy; it's a brilliant mobile App. and an even more brilliant Desktop or Laptop PC App. If any individual Solar Panel were to fail or produce significantly less than previously, it would be clear. .

Now unsurprisingly, after all these untruths and incompetence , they are bust, It does not matter because Monitoring is easy. I therefore doubt whether I will pay another company to monitor my SolarEdge Inverter.

1 star: Bad

Solarplants now bust. What next?

I have a 9 year old system that was upgraded by Solarplants 4 years ago with a Solar Edge unit. A good decision.

However being rated number one did not stop them going bust and they went into administration on 3rd January 2020 leaving everyone high and dry.

HIES have just written suggesting that DC Energy (SW) Ltd take over the warranty.

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Delta Star Energy

Delta Star Energy a Company from South Wales offer advice on Solaredge & battery products.
Apparently the monitoring is free for customers anyway & the monitoring system is based off a notification based system hence the prolonged waits on maintenance from Solarplants, as big companies who have thousands of customers get nuisance notifications daily for loss of internet etc.
Speak to Delta Star Energy if you you have questions.
His number is on the web address

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HIES letter regarding Solar Plant liquidation

Just received a letter from the HIES Consumer Code group explaining that Solar Plants had gone into liquidation and quoted a company called DC Energy (SW) who they're speaking to, to fulfill work left by Solar Plants.

They also say that DC Energy would be offering a monitoring service for a reduced fee of £149 (not sure if this is a one off or a yearly fee) and they will be in contact soon. Waiting to hear what they offer/propose

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
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I had solar panels installed by solar…

I had solar panels installed by solar plants only to find that they are now bust, I had a problem with my system so I contacted Solar Dynamix. There phone number is 0808 503 3325 incase anyone else needs help with their system

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Have Solar Plants gone out of business?

Have Solar Plants gone out of business? Their 0800 numbers are permanently engaged and they do not reply to e-mails (they owe me £203 agreed compensation, for a (new) inverter failure that took 41 days to repair under 20 yr guarantee, which has not been paid since mid-November 2019). Who has any news?

Julian Smith, 10 Jan 2020

2 stars: Poor

My solar panels were installed four…

My solar panels were installed four years ago without any problems and have worked well up till now. now one has stopped working, I find that they have gone into administration. When I checked my paperwork however, I find that I am covered by the Home Insulation and Energy Systems insurance company (HIES tel no 0344 324 5242). Solar Plants are in administration at the moment, but once their status shows as "ceased trading" on the Companies House web site, then HIES will handle any claims and pay 90% of successful ones. Don't get anyone to come and fix faults before you contact them as this could invalidate your warranty. The company number is 0755 0834 to check it with Companies House, Hope this helps, Jan.

2 stars: Poor

This company is no longer trading

This company is no longer trading. The installation at my home in Cornwall worked well increasing output by some 10% until it rained when half the panels stopped working. It then took Solar Plants a year to fix by replacing a junction box that was full of water. These junction boxes are sealed, but obviously the watertight integrity is compromised by drilling holes in it for fixing screws - which they had done on installation.

After six months of negotiations SP agreed to pay £300 compensation for lost generation. Despite numerous reminders over a six month period this was never paid. Now wishing to start proceedings under the small claims procedure I find they have gone out of business. Well I never!

Does anyone know who the directors are (were)? It was a certain Jayne de Villiers who offered the compensation.

1 star: Bad

Appointment of Administrators

Appointment of Administrators

Notice category:Corporate InsolvencyNotice type:Appointment of AdministratorsPublication date:25 December 2019Edition:The London GazetteNotice ID:3460598Notice code:2410Issue number:62865Page number:23440Share

Appointment of Administrators

In the High Court Of Justice, Business And Property Courts In Cardiff, Insolvency & Companies List,

No 000058 of 2019


(Company Number 07550834)

Registered office: 4 Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3EB

Principal trading address: Unit 11 Mardon Park, Baglan Energy Park, Port Talbot, SA12 7AX

Nature of Business: Solar Panel Installation

Date of Appointment: 17 December 2019

Joint Administrator's Name and Address: Alistair Wardell (IP No. 9498) of Grant Thornton UK LLP, 6th Floor, 3 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT. Telephone: 029 2023 5591.

Joint Administrator's Name and Address: Richard J Lewis (IP No. 2023) of Grant Thornton UK LLP, 6th Floor, 3 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT. Telephone: 029 2023 5591.

For further information contact Edward O Brown at the offices of Grant Thornton UK LLP on 0161 234 6392, or Address: 6th Floor, 3 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT.

20 December 2019

1 star: Bad



1 star: Bad


Beware, they have gone into administration.

1 star: Bad

My roof is leaking like a sieve today

My roof is leaking like a sieve today. They put a new roof on in September and already had them back twice, now they are no longer trading!!!! £6,000 down the drain. I've been ringing and emailing for the last 2 weeks and they have done nothing but fob me off. I hate people like this. B******s!

1 star: Bad

Solar Plants Screw Up

Solar Plants Screw Up

In April 2018 I had my solar system upgraded by Solar Plants with reassurance that Solar Plants would now be monitoring my system. Unfortunately on 9 March this year the inverter failed, not noticed and clearly not monitored by Solar Plants. They at first tried to deny my system had a monitoring capability then grudgingly agreed that they had failed to notice the inverter had gone down. Eventually it was promised that a new inverter would be ordered.

After a month of waiting without any action or contact I sent a recorded letter asking for an explanation for the delay. The swift reply explained a shortage from the suppliers and a promise to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

After waiting 4 months the inverter was finally replaced on 3 July. Unfortunately within about 30mins of the engineer leaving, the house electrics tripped out. I reset the RCD 3 times then contacted Solar Plants who promised to send the engineer back to check the installation, he could find no fault. There followed continuous arguments with Solar Plants who were in total denial that it could be anything to do with them and told me to employ an electrician to find the fault. After careful checking of all the house electrical circuits it was found that the inverter mounting screw had been screwed straight through a domestic cable. Even then, a clear picture showing the screw through the cable was needed before Solar Plants would accept that it may be the fault. They have never admitted that it was their fault. A full electrical report was sent to Solar Plants on 16 August. On 19 September an electrician finally arrived from Solar Plants to rectify the fault. He expressed ignorance on why he had been sent and commented that a local electrician could have fixed the cable. Clearly not briefed by Solar Plants.

Solar Plants have not admitted their fault in the shoddy mounting of the inverter nor apologised for the the excessive delay in obtaining the inverter. This sorry saga has resulted in a loss in the order of £700 revenue from the panels over the summer period for which on 1 November they promised £300 compensation. This has yet to be received as it is “waiting Director approval.” This delay is typical of Solar Plant and makes me wonder if it has a cash flow problem or it is just appalling in dealing with its customers.

With my experience I could never recommend this firm to anyone

1 star: Bad



Taking hard earned cash from people before Christmas knowing full well they wouldn’t be available to install the equipment. Probably already trading again as something similar, how do these people sleep at night ?

1 star: Bad

I have an issue with system

I have an issue with system, couldn’t get through by phone or email so called at head office. Informed that they had gone into liquidation and liquidators removing all goods and paperwork.

1 star: Bad

Please help me

Please help me. I've got solar plant booked in to put clips on for our solar panels today but no one turned up and now when I ring their number and get through to the extension number, the line is just dead. Nothing. No tone. No one answering which is very concerning. They cancelled last week due to staff being ill and now my roofers are waiting to tile, but cant until the clips for solar panels are in. Please help as I cant communicate with anyone from Solar Plant with no one answering the phone.

5 stars: Excellent

The start to finish was all on time…

The start to finish was all on time friendly and professional. The fitting was discussed and
Everything taken into consideration. I chose to have it fitted under my stairs. Connected to Wi- Fi before engineer left.

Reply from Solar Plants Ltd
Hi Mrs Boston!

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us your excellent five-star review, we really appreciate it! The team will be so thrilled to read your review.

We're always on hand to assist you with any questions or queries. Please feel free to get in touch at any time :-).
5 stars: Excellent

they were very good from the start to…

they were very good from the start to the end nothing to much trouble at all

Reply from Solar Plants Ltd
Hi Allan!

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us your excellent 5-star review, we really appreciate it! We're always on hand to assist with any questions, so please feel free to get in touch any time.

You can chat with our team instantly using the web chat service over on our website :-).