1 star: Bad

Avoid!!! Transfers failed and no app blocked…

They sent message saying contact support via the app.
The same app they have blocked

They have sent a link saying poor reviews are from criminals and that I am either a terro rist or a money launder
No I'm disabled and live alone and they are holding My money which is in effect theft they are now responsible for peoples lives

Transfers failed and no app blocked holding My Money
This company is dangerous

Reply from Bó
If your account has been frozen this article will explain why we might have done this https://wearebo.co.uk/blog/why-we-might-freeze-your-account
1 star: Bad

Submitted my documents to apply for a…

Submitted my documents to apply for a new account 2 weeks ago nothing heard from them yet.

Reply from Bó
Thanks for your response. I agree, your application took far too long. We had a few teething problems due to the number of applications we received. I'm pleased to say we have fixed the issues and are back on track. Do you have any feedback now you're up and running?
5 stars: Excellent

Lovely new bank with a nice design

Lovely new bank with a nice design. The application process is really easy and you card arrives in a couple of days. Has helped me understand my money more.