3 stars: Average

I was fooled by these people

I was fooled by these people , we sent a total of 252,700.00 EUR
The first contacts were with Alexsandra Marteen she contacted us, deceived us and talked us into more and more roles, credits and saying nothing to worry about everything is in control is important trust between you and me and in fact all the time she lied to me to eventually made up a story that she got injured while skiing and was in a hospital. She came out of the hospital (false of course) and couldn't work and was replaced by another rep of course the same story in the same scenario. We worked for a month when he asked again investing a package of measures for 6000EUR with the intention that the account will not collapse and we are in a panic and only pay for the money we have invested to fail. It took one week and he again asks for 10,000.00EUR to stabilize the account, which we did not agree to him return the money he does not agree and ask for money. I contacted a recovery firm for help. They were able to help me out of this mess, email link on profile picture

1 star: Bad

Not worthwhile even for a second

Not worthwhile even for a second, run and never think of investing with this company, All they want is your money and block all communications with you. If it was not for {ElytChargeBack] who came to my rescue, i would be wallowing in serious poverty right now.
Check them on their website and give them a call to initiate a refund process.

1 star: Bad

Vekx Global is a very SCAM platform

Vekx Global is a very SCAM platform. They gave me my first withdrawal, but my second and succeeding withdrawals are still pending. I lost my $50 here.
Don't invest or you'll not get your money back. I'll definitely delete my review here if they'll return my money back or release all my pending withdrawals.

5 stars: Excellent

I was about to lose hope of working…

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