2 stars: Poor

Lack of communication between the supplier and the courier

I've been contacted by Sarah from the customer service team. She was very nice and she explained that there's some delay issue caused by the supplier. I suggest to mention on the website if an item is "available in stock" rather than "available from supplier". It makes a big difference if an item has to travel from the other side of the world. As a nice gesture they offered me a partial refund. I'll wait a lil bit more.
I Still don't know if is a Scam or if the customer service is really really poor.
I'm based in London as the shop is and I've placed an order the 1st of December and after 2 weeks no news about my order.
At the beginning the shipping address was missing (clearly a poorly made website that allows the customer to proceed through the order steps without filling the shipping address slot and also not like many other website that use the address from Paypal) two days have been wasted (they replied to my emails after 8pm). after that issue has been fixed it looked like everything was sorted so I've waited patiently for 2 weeks (remember that the shop is based in the same city where I live, I thought 2 weeks was a lil bit too much for a delivery in the same city but is Christmas time and I get it that they might have some delays. I've tried to contact them in the last two days looking for an update about my order that from the website results "complete" but now they don't reply to my emails anymore.
I'll ask Paypal to open a claim against this website and get my money back.
In two weeks I could've walked around London looking for my parcel with highest chances of finding it.