1 star: Bad

Rebate fraud

purchased product, approved for rebate, Informed to wait for cheque, nothing, no response form company, this was 2 years ago.

3 stars: Average

I bought a SOG Sideswipe clip knife

I bought a SOG Sideswipe clip knife. I was very disappointed that the clip is not on the pivot side eliminating the possibility of one hand operation. Then when I went to remove it from my pocket the knife had opened and the point cut my pocket. This is due to the clip being on the wrong side. Poor design. I have since noticed it has a clip lock that would prevent that but then inserts one more step to open the blade.

1 star: Bad

I bought a SOG blade once

I bought a SOG blade once. Very gimmicky like the Rambo knives of the eighties. Uncomfortable in hand, handle material was terrible and a metal inlay in the handle would be awful in cold weather. Cheaply made mass production over priced crap. I didn’t even use it once I realized how low quality it was and returned it the very next day. Customer service is terrible and would not recommend SOG to anyone other then a kid just getting his first knife and wants to have that Rambo knife excitement we all felt in the eighties. Thumbs down SOG. Terrible company

1 star: Bad

Don't buy a SOG

Don't trust this company, I bought a SOG while in the US. Th equality is questionable, the blades were blunt the file is fake and the pliers mechanism is crunchy.

Several tries to contact the company have gotten me nowhere, they don't respond to email or their own contact page.
they have been described as "shady " in another review but they have long passed that, they are just trading on the name and taking money for nothing but cheap tat.

1 star: Bad

The blade release jammed up inside and…

The blade release jammed up inside and the blade would only shut halfway so because I forced it to shut and broke the back out a bit they told me it wouldn't be covered under warranty .the inside malfunctioned I would think that would be a defective knife and they said no can't help you.

1 star: Bad

Shady and unprofessional

Note that this parent company (Two Point Enterprises) operates several retail websites: hand-tools.com, gerber-tools.com, kershaw-knives.net, and sog-knives.net.

I placed an order with this company and received no email confirmation or email of any kind. A week or so later, having received no notice of my order or of shipping, I emailed to request a cancellation. I was informed by a representative (who curtly insisted that they HAD sent me an order confirmation) that it was too late to cancel the order as "it has already shipped." Days later I received an email stating that the shipping label had just been created and the order was about to be shipped out – the rep had simply lied about the shipment.

I contacted them again and voiced my dissatisfaction, as they could have canceled my order as it had not even shipped (as the representative had falsely claimed). The same rep then rudely and dismissively gave me a vague spiel about how they can't cancel orders due to their shipping policies. She even flatly stated that it takes up to 11 days(!) to ship out orders. On what planet is this acceptable?

It's clear that this company is a drop-shipping operation – they do not keep much of their inventory on hand and ship it from elsewhere. This results in long shipping times, miscommunication, and poor service in general, as was displayed here. The rude customer "service" rep also informed me that if I wished to make a return, they have a 20% restocking fee. Not only is this wildly excessive, but I can tell you (having run an online business for years myself) that "restocking fees" are nonsense. It costs nothing to accept returns – it's a tactic to pressure customers into NOT making returns. "Restocking fees" are a practice you most often see with shady ebay sellers.

TL;DR: Four strikes: 1) It took almost two weeks for my initial order to even ship out (with no confirmation email). 2) Despite this, they curtly refused to cancel my order days before it shipped. 3) RUDE and dismissive customer service. 4) Extortive 20% "restocking fee." Take your money to a professional business who actually cares, there are plenty out there. This amateur hour company's service is abysmal on every level, all the way down. Avoid.

5 stars: Excellent


I've had my SOG Multi-Tool POWER LOCK EOD - BLACK, V-CUTTER for a couple years now and after heavy use had damaged the pliers. I notified SOG and they not only responded immediately but they sent me new plier parts free of charge the very next day. I'm super impressed with SOG customer service!! I would recommend their products to everyone! Thanks again. ~Nick~

5 stars: Excellent

SOG Seal pup saved my life!

I own around 15 SOG Knifes . I would recommend them to anyone. My truck caught on fire while I was driving and I hit a ditch. It caused the doors to jam. I used my seal pup to pry the passenger side door open. It didn't break the blade. If I didn't have my seal pup I wouldn't be alive today. I will always trust SOG.

4 stars: Great

Used a Pentagon Elite folder for 4 …

Used a Pentagon Elite folder for 4 years. Returned it for a sharpening and a 'look over' - they sent me back a brand new one because they said there was too much play in the blade. Great service.

4 stars: Great

I have quite a few

Good quality tool . even have a SOG machete. One of the best vastly Superior to any other

4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

SOG-Knives.net rocks

These people have a great selection and prices. Not to mention, they can do pretty much anything on that laser machine. They are very talented.

2 stars: Poor


When they decided that profit was more important than quality and started making all their stuff in Taiwan I stopped buying the equipment so sog has lost my business and they tried to hide this fact on their webpage there's nothing quality coming out of Taiwan

1 star: Bad

Customer service : very bad

I would give no star at all for the service. Never ever come back ...

1 star: Bad

B.S customer service

I bought the fasthawk and within 1 month the handle busted. I was communicating with a customer service rep and he told me that he was sending me a replacement handle and I was content. Then 4 months later still no handle and now they won't answer the DAMN phone or return emails. I will never buy another one of their products again.

1 star: Bad

Customer service SUCKS!

It is no wonder SOG can offer a lifetime warranty, THEY DONT RETURN CALLS OR EMAILS. I dont thinks any one reads the emails. All I needed was a simple replacement cilp, free of charge as per SOG website. Now I know why, they dont send any clips out apparently. I have submitted 4 emails over the past year and a half and called numerous times, NO REPLY and NO CLIP in the mail. I will not be purchasing anymore SOG knives cause I'd hate to see how they handle a replacement blade or something major if it takes this long for a simple clip. I thing SOG has got to big to care about it's customer base OR they just dont give a crap! I have received better service by the IRS! Now that's pretty bad.

5 stars: Excellent

Very satisfied

I ordered a seal knife for my grandson who was home on leave from U. S. Navy recieved it in only 2 days , Nice product great service .

5 stars: Excellent

Best Price Quick Delivery Very Satisfied

I shopped around and between the low price and delivery sog knives won .The package came in perfect condition and only took a few days .

5 stars: Excellent

Very Satisfied

I purchased the SOG AEGIS and I am very pleased with the knife. The camo with the black blade makes the knife look awesome. I have nothing negative to say at all. In fact, I am considering buying more for my sons for Christmas presents.

5 stars: Excellent

Very satisfied with the order

My two knives arrived quickly and were well packed. I reeeally like the quality, and names on them were engraved as I have instructed. So in conclusion, if I will need more knives I'll definitely order from the SOG knives again! Plus I will sure recommend this company to all my friends, because they like the knives too! Plus SOG knives can refund 3$ for each of your review, this is great I think!

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