2 stars: Poor

Poor customer service

I really don’t have any complaints about the product itself their made in USA knives our top quality in my opinion. The only complaint would be that I broke the clip After about two weeks of wearing. I wear it in my left pocket and the clip either got caught on the seatbelt or the door jam when I was exiting my truck it broke. That may have been my fault but it’s also the only knife that’s ever happened to. My complaints are with the customer service. A recently purchased a New knife with engraving. Communication back-and-forth is extremely slow it’s been about a month now and All I have to show for it is a pre-authorization shipping number. I called today to find out the status after trying to email and use their text response with no reply. I called to find out if we could expedite the process and get it shipped to me sooner. They were not helpful and told me that they might get to engraving it sometime this week and then they’ll ship it when they ship it. So in summary I think they make a fine product but their customer service needs a lot of work.

1 star: Bad

Never again..

I sent my pocket knife to be sharpened on 06/05/20.
This review is being conducted on 09/15/20. As of this review, my knife is still AWOL. The worst part is that everytime I contact them, I get the same answer, "It is awaiting final inspection and will be sent out in two weeks". Today I am told that the wild fires in Oregon are halting the shipping process. Luckily I didn't pay too much for the knife and am currently shopping around for a better one. I understand the company may be doing the best as they can, but the least Kershaw could do is send a simple email to their customers, keeping them advised of the many delays.

1 star: Bad

I have purchased 3 each one the…

I have purchased 3 each one the tip-lock breaks. The Tip-lock is made extremely cheap, out of plastic.

I have tried contacting customer service several times and only get lied to on shipping the replacement part.

I have thrown all three away and will get a different brand.

David Hodges

1 star: Bad

This is a scam

This is a scam .
Avoid at all cost .

if you gonna buy from them they will not bee sending you anything.
I try to email them, call them - no contact what so ever.

5 stars: Excellent

Kershaw EDC

Kershaw is a great knife for more reasons than I can get in to. First they have a lot of products so learn about what steels they offer and what models. Do the research! They offer quality knives and blade material at a hard to believe price. So yes you will get a better blade if you get Made in USA. China is good too, but a 50/50 chance. Ps. other negative reviews are from their lack of reading the kershaw terms and agreement or not knowing how to sharpen their own tool. Have fun and do the research🙂

1 star: Bad

Poor customer service

Sent my knife to Kershaw to be sharpened. They sent me back someone else's knife. I contacted them about the error and immediately arranged to send the "wrong" knife back.
After dozens of follow up calls to them, most involving them lying to me about the return status of my knife, I received my knife back 7 weeks later.
My experience with their customer service was
terrible. I will not purchase another product from them.

1 star: Bad

Amateur hour

Note that this parent company (Two Point Enterprises) operates several retail websites: hand-tools.com, gerber-tools.com, kershaw-knives.net, and sog-knives.net.

I placed an order with this company and received no email confirmation or email of any kind. A week or so later, having received no notice of my order or of shipping, I emailed to request a cancellation. I was informed by a representative (who curtly insisted that they HAD sent me an order confirmation) that it was too late to cancel the order as "it has already shipped." Days later I received an email stating that the shipping label had just been created and the order was about to be shipped out – the rep had simply lied about the shipment.

I contacted them again and voiced my dissatisfaction, as they could have canceled my order as it had not even shipped (as the representative had falsely claimed). The same rep then rudely and dismissively gave me a vague spiel about how they can't cancel orders due to their shipping policies. She even flatly stated that it takes up to 11 days(!) to ship out orders. On what planet is this acceptable?

It's clear that this company is a drop-shipping operation – they do not keep much of their inventory on hand and ship it from elsewhere. This results in long shipping times, miscommunication, and poor service in general, as was displayed here. The rude customer "service" rep also informed me that if I wished to make a return, they have a 20% restocking fee. Not only is this wildly excessive, but I can tell you (having run an online business for years myself) that "restocking fees" are nonsense. It costs nothing to accept returns – it's a tactic to pressure customers into NOT making returns. "Restocking fees" are a practice you most often see with shady ebay sellers.

TL;DR: Four strikes: 1) It took almost two weeks for my initial order to even ship out (with no confirmation email). 2) Despite this, they curtly refused to cancel my order days before it shipped. 3) RUDE and dismissive customer service. 4) Extortive 20% "restocking fee." Take your money to a professional business who actually cares, there are plenty out there. This amateur hour company's service is abysmal on every level, all the way down. Avoid.

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service! I have a 15 year old knife that was missing a clip and they sent one out for free. Knife is as good as new.

5 stars: Excellent

Kershaw-Knives.net rocks

These people have a great selection and prices. Not to mention, they can do pretty much anything on that laser machine. They are very talented.

5 stars: Excellent


Great knifes and would get again. Thank you.

5 stars: Excellent

Great staff and product!

I had a wonderful customer service experience with Haley. She answered all of my questions and helped me create a special gift for my husband from our son for his first Christmas. Will definitely buy from again. Thank you!

5 stars: Excellent

Kershaw + T.P.E. = Great combo!

Outstanding communications and fast shipping...thanks Dennis

5 stars: Excellent

Great knives!!

Great selection of knives!! The service was great and my items were shipped very quickly!! I am extremely happy with my knives and the engraving! Would definitely buy from again!!

5 stars: Excellent

Good price, quick results

Very happy with my special order. Good selection of knives, and the engraving is awesome.

5 stars: Excellent

Great Product Great Customer Service

Very happy all around, I've always loved Kershaw Knives. Customer Service can make or break a sale, and I was very pleased with the attentiveness of their customer service via email.

5 stars: Excellent

Great Place,The right Product,Super Fast Delivery

Was the only People that actualy had the product and shipped and delivered faster than said. Will be using this company again.

5 stars: Excellent

Great online company!

Great prices, fast notifications and updates!


4 stars: Great

very sharp !

This Knife is So Sharp ! It can cut through Anything from Cardboard to Cans !

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent service

Easy checkout and quick shipping. Also they have a phone which is great!

5 stars: Excellent

Very helpful customer service!

The customer service at Kershaw knives was very helpful with my order! Amy had great suggestions for the engravings! I am very pleased with my experience!

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