5 stars: Excellent

Very good communication

Very good communication. You seem to be learning from your mistakes. If a shipment is going to be late, communicate. If anything of relevance is happening with the shipment, communicate. So keep this bit of communication up

5 stars: Excellent

They just delivered my goods

They just delivered my goods. Very respectful rider.

1 star: Bad

Total disappointment

Total disappointment. Had to cancel my pay with M-Pesa order after 3 days without any communication, action on the order or replies to my constant emailed follow-ups.
Nairobi office agents is just a collection center, you will not get any assistance there.

1 star: Bad

Poor website experience

Poor website experience. Things are all over the place.
Browser tabs got full after a few clicks.
I was unable to change my payment method from DPO to mpesa.
There is no way to change payment method on website.
Kenyan team took hours to respond via WhatsApp.
Kenyan team was unable to help. Instead of helping they were asking whether to refer me to the US team. Why should I care which team helps me? I just needed help.
Kenyan team doesn't seem to care. No followup.
Cheaper pricing than Kentex.
Switched to Kentex.

1 star: Bad


You know that exciting feeling you get when you find a good deal and jump on it, and cannot wait to receive your product? ImailKenya will kill that feeling! You will go through a cycle of emotions from excitement to anxiety to anger to helplessness and NO ONE WILL assist you!

Why they still claim "2 Weeks" delivery on their website is beyond me. It's nothing short of false advertising.

Everything I feel about this company, from how they've handled shipment, to clueless customer service and referring us to a 3rd party and finally to NEVER EVER recommending ImailKenya to anyone has been captured by Duncan below.

1 star: Bad

2 Months!

How can a shipment take two months honestly???! February 2nd to date, back to reputable companies.
Kentex, Savostore were way better!
Never again!

Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
My apologies for this and I understand the frustration. Yes we have had delay issues with our January and February shipments. We wish it did not happen but it did and we truly apologize for that. We aim to be a great service for those shipping from the US to Kenya. We are in the process of setting up our New York office and once active, we will allow you to ship a shipment for free (a kg or so) to gauge the service. I truly apologize. Will update this review again once New York is setup. We promise it'll be FAST
1 star: Bad

They flagged my previous negative comment, LOL these guys

I think you should point out your reply to the woman who handles your Kenyan office number as she's the one who gives these figures and God knows what exchange rate she uses while converting...All done from her side on package pickup and again $13.89 was the charge given by her when asked the dollar amount being converted.

Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
No reviews are flagged, whether positive or negative. I had responded to your earlier review regarding this, and I believe its the one with the name, Zamunda. I requested that you email me . "If you were charged any extra fee, just email me [email protected] and I'll correct this right away." I also explained why the rates might be different. They change every day and as you know even banks in Kenya have different rates at any one time. We do not discourage bad reviews. They help us enhance the service. We also mentioned that we would build a page where customers can be able to retrieve our daily rate and compare it with the rates from other Kenyan banks before they even ship and this will be put in place
1 star: Bad

My package was delivered to the US…

My package was delivered to the US address on 7th March, I have not been given any update whatsoever. I have tried calling the number provided and all I get is reply that they are looking into it. Is my package misplaced or what. Its my first time using iMail services and I am disappointed.

The disappointment continues. 6 weeks later and no package in sight. The updates on the website are just pushing dates forward. Imagine telling your kids every week that delivery of their toys has been pushed forward by another week. Never again..

Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
Hello Judith. We shared this information sometime back through your account. Please follow instructions here "https://imailkenya.co.ke/track-a-parcel" to track the parcel. See image attached for proof by visiting this link "https://mbximages.s3.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/publicimages/Judith+Chepngeti.png"
5 stars: Excellent

Very reliable service

Very reliable service, helped me greatly when i had to send some packaged to kenya from CA. as well the consulting agents did a great job for me! Thx.

5 stars: Excellent

Communication with you has been…

Amazing service, quick and easy to purchase. Looking forward fora second purchase

Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
I'm sorry about this but could you please login to your account here https://imailkenya.freshdesk.com/support/tickets. We posted an update 3 days ago confirming your item had been received and when it's to ship out
1 star: Bad

Ordered some stuff in November using…

Ordered some stuff in November using their website, and I'm yet to receive the package. No communication.

Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
Could you please provide more information on this? Or at least email us things like the order number. Email me [email protected]
5 stars: Excellent

Excellent Automated Service - hassle-free buy & ship

iMail Kenya is the best company to handle your shipments from USA. I love the new and interactive automation with round the clock updates via phone messages. I simply love the secure website link to not only track packages but to also keep track of weight of items already received ahead of package arrival. Well done guys, good job! I ordered last year and had no clue where my packages were or when to expect arrival but you guys are making our 2021 orders a smooth sail. I am super super impressed.

5 stars: Excellent
1 star: Bad


Charged a different fee from the initial one once shipped.
Shipment took a month rather than 2 weeks as stated.
Ignorant customer service.


Reply from iMail Kenya - Ship from USA to Kenya
You mentioned you were charged a different fee. $13.80 converted to USD at the moment is Kshs 1570. If you were charged any extra fee, just email me [email protected] and I'll correct this right away. One thing I've noticed is some customers still assume the USD to Kshs rate is 100 but that's not the case. At the same time, do not use Google rates to do a conversion. Use the rates provided by a Kenyan bank as those two rates are very different
5 stars: Excellent

Starting exports and import

Please how could I start exporting and importing goods from anda out of my country

5 stars: Excellent

I'm very happy

I'm very happy, great option for shipping goods!
My package arrived safe and was well packaged.

5 stars: Excellent


Their service is just top-notch. Great customer and timely delivery. Looking forward to ship more items through them.

5 stars: Excellent

A Cut Above The Rest

They are a very professional company and are very communicative about the progress of the shipment.They are also supper cheap and I would recommend them to all.

4 stars: Great

Good TAT

I appreciate the timeliness of the order and the very helpful staff. However, email responses should be improved to shorter time lines.

4 stars: Great

Initially when first time I ordered my…

Initially when first time I ordered my product and got it delivered to you Fargo address, someone had forgotten to inform me of delivery being arrived and if items were shipped, but I guess this was teething issue and has been rectified, I have just ordered my second delivery and happy to see that I am beinh informed regularly