5 stars: Excellent

Ghost Marketing Team & Akbar Sheikh's Coaching

Joining Akbar’s coaching program was one of the best investments I had made a few years back when I was starting to lose hope. Through months of struggle trying to find all the right answers to this simple journey, Akbar made it as simple as possible and showed me where to place each piece of my puzzle piece by piece.

I'm not a fast learner, so I needed to find a coach who can take me by the hand and show me how to successfully build a 7-figure online business. Down to my last funds available, I prayed for guidance and jumped into Akbar's coaching program head first. To my surprise, Akbar’s coaching and training led me down the right path which helped me hit 7 figures in just 50 days!

Now results aren't typical, but I had all the tools and training and value for clients piled up on my table not knowing where they fit. Thanks to Akbar’s coaching, I went through putting things together with simplicity and confidence and quickly realizing I was finally headed in the right direction.

I follow Akbar’s training to a ‘T’ and have even implemented what I personally call within my team ‘A45-15’. This is 45 minutes of straight work with no interruptions and 15 min breaks. The 'A' in the term represents Akbar's first letter of his name so I wouldn't forget where I learned this from. Now my team knows when I’m serious when I tell them that it’s ‘A45-15’ time for the next 5 hours to get our job done. These simple tactics are what helped me build a 7 figure business. Trust me when I say that there are a truck load more of these simple steps in his training that you’ll find right off the gate.

Don’t hesitate.. I vouch for Akbar’s coaching and can honestly tell you that you won’t be disappointed. The investment you make will come back to you many times over. Like his grandma taught him and how he then reminded me of the K.I.S.S. approach.. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Cheers to your success!

5 stars: Excellent

Akbar walks the talk!

I first met Akbar Sheikh at an industry event and could instantly see that he's a man on a genuine mission to "make more to give more" ... and he's expanding the impact of that via The Coach's Secret, and now, Coaching University.

The course material is solid, built on Akbar's real-world experience creating lucrative funnels + robust business models.

The ethos in the training group is generous, extremely supportive and - as is necessary for many coaches who say "one day I will ..." - no BS.

Powering the training and community is a world-class team that Akbar has brought together and trained, with the proof of effectiveness being that even his own team members have implemented the training and are themselves "making more to give more".

As Akbar would say, "Boomshakalaka!"

5 stars: Excellent

One of the best program...

I joined Akbar's coaching program a while ago when I was just starting online business. I found this program one of the best. Akbar and his team deliver at their best, tremendous support and best content.
You find everything from organic to paid ads, content to course creation, 1 to 1 and group coaching models, its upto you what to want to take and adapt to your business needs.
I am fully satisfied with this program and highly recommend to others who are struggling and want to grow their business fast...

5 stars: Excellent

Unemployed bartender to 6-figure entrepreneur

This program turned me from an unemployed bartender that failed out of college into a 6-figure earning entrepreneur in my first year of business...

Ive learned how to start a business, run paid traffic ads, prospect, get more leads for any business, manage sales and identify where the gaps are and how to fix them, how to expand fulfillment to be more automated and literally just better - ive learned how to properly manage my time so i can get all my priorities done in a day... Im at a loss for words, my entire life changed..!!

I had no money, no credit, no car, no job, no college degree, nothing but driven, ambition, and some time..

I sincerely thank this program from the bottom of my heart - my entire life changed 96 days after i joined this program and i would not change anything.

I can actually help other people in their business! I can see things that will help them, man i sound like an ad right now, but its honestly all true. I can now finanly have the impact ive always wanted... and be super confident about it!!!

5 stars: Excellent

Way more content than I expected!!

This program is a perfect example of someone, Akbar, under promising and then over delivering!!! So much valuable content helping me build my business and mindset, taking both to the next level!! The next 90 days are going to be unreal!! #learnmoreearnmoregivemore

5 stars: Excellent

This program is absolutely incredible

This program is absolutely incredible. The trainings are clear and easily executed, the live trainings are thorough and engaging, and the community is incredible and invaluable . I have already made 20X more than I ever have before in this program. I know now that 6 and 7 figures is not only possible, but inevitable using this amazing program. I can't recommend it enough.

5 stars: Excellent

Great program..

Great program... it’s a no brainer. More impressive than the info is how much his team cares.