5 stars: Excellent

Thank you

Great customer service, thank you :)

5 stars: Excellent

Fantastic product and service?

Ordered a four double door wardrobe. Had excellent service from Tony who came round and drew a fab sketch of our ideas in about 5 mins, incorporating all that we wanted. He gave us a very good quote. Two weeks later, the materials were delivered and the fitters assembled it in the course of a day. Exceptional quality of materials and work. The wardrobe is beautiful, solid, functional and labour and parts are guaranteed. Thoroughly recommend, you won't be disappointed!

5 stars: Excellent

Fitted cupboards

I have used this company five times now for fitted cupboards. Hardy (the salesman) was really helpful and had a number of good ideas in terms of what we could do. The price was better than other quotes. I also found the fitters skilful and polite (and on time).

5 stars: Excellent

I had spoken with 5 companies before…

I had spoken with 5 companies before proceeding with Aesthetix Furniture. They were the first company to understand my ideas and even improve them. We now have a beautiful wardrobes with intigrated office space, nursery storage cupboards and window seats.
I will highly recommend to book their free design visit service!

5 stars: Excellent

I bought at fitted wardrobes for all of…

I bought at fitted wardrobes for all of my bedrooms and a tv unit also and I’m really pleased with the end products.

The service was excellent, no hard sell and the installation was done in a timely and professional manner. I did a lot of research before placing my order and aesthetix seemed most experienced and trustworthy. They gave me lots of options within my budget.

Highly recommend, 5 stars from me.

2 stars: Poor

Terrible Experience

Unfortunately, we encountered a very poor experience. Really surprising given the other reviews on here.

Our final decision was swayed by the ‘50% sale, ends in 3 days’ badge on their website. This is a scam as it's still on their website months later, & it most likely has been there for ages beforehand.

Where do I start...The measurements taken for a quote, were the same measurements they built off. I asked if they would come & take final measurements or if we should at least approve shop drawings but they said the quote sketches were sufficient enough for factory build…. Which they weren't. Measurements were incorrectly oversized, which meant that the fitters had to spend more time on the job manually cutting boards (which was done in our bedroom/living room). This resulted in damaged walls, scratched floors & visible uneven cuts in panels. There was dust everywhere, which we had to hoover & mop ourselves each evening. The final day the fitters where here until 9pm - not fun with a 6 month old baby!! This all could have been avoided if final measurements were taken.

Panels in the shelving carcass were clearly different colours, uneven & not flush. We ended up asking them to come & take it all down, it was that bad. The reasoning we were given was ‘perhaps the person at the factory is colourblind’.

Our base cabinet units in the living room weren't even installed with cable holes for the TV, although I specifically requested this over email, text & phone call. I would consider cable holes a pretty fundamental part of joinery for a tv unit. We had to feed the tv/sky cables down the front of the unit, in order to plug them into the power sockets inside the cabinet below. Because of this, we couldn't close the cabinet doors - not only was this a constant eyesore, but it was REALLY dangerous with a crawling baby. We had to wait 4 weeks to get this resolved. I could (& should) have just done it myself!

We had LED light strips installed in the living room joinery & asked for a remote, but we got a switch installed. When I questioned this I was told I requested a switch. I had to point him to the text message where I asked for a remote control. This seemed to be a common theme - I felt I had to ask for things over & over again, & had to prove what i asked for when instructions werent followed. Such a waste of time. If you like constantly chasing over text messages, emails & phone calls & playing project manager although you are the paying client, then these guys are for you.

The joiners did come back & fix everything, but it took 4 weeks. I really wish I had spent my money elsewhere. I don't normally leave reviews, especially not bad ones as i like to give the benefit of the doubt. But I felt others should know what we went through when deciding on getting joinery done. Again, perhaps we were just unlucky as there are many good reviews. The risk is yours.

EDIT: Yes, we did come to an agreement & an amount was waved from the final bill but that's because we dont have shelves. They were nice enough to agree to fit floating shelves instead, but this took too long to get going - too much chasing over text mesages & phone calls with no progress. In the end we decided to pull the plug on the shelves so we could just move on.

On a positive note, the joiners (who were actually really nice people!) came back & fitted a cable hole for our TV & fixed the scratches & dents in our floors & walls. BUT... They were told to wait out front of our house until we made final payment. They were slightly embarrassed by this & it made us feel a bit threatened, but we were just desperate to move on from this bad experience.

Reply from Aesthetixfurniture
We are extremely sorry for your bad experience. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients and to provide a positive experience.

We have checked the records this issue has been dealt with and a agreements has been made and a signifacnt amount has been waved off for good will.

If you are still unsatisfied then please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy new year to you and your family!
5 stars: Excellent

Truly happy with my new wardrobes and…

Truly happy with my new wardrobes and all the experience. Sean was brilliant from the initial visit. He nearly spent 3hours with us discussing ideas and showing us all the diffrent finishes. He presented us with artist level hand sketch and quoted on the same day. Ive been wanting to get this project done from ages and it has been a relief finding Aesthetix Furniture. We have got an office, window seat and bedroom wardrobes done from them.

I have been shopping around alot but their prices for the service and quality were highly competitive. There were some delays from their supplier so it took them extra two days to finish the project which is acceptable for such a big project. I will definitely recommend them for their price, quality and experienced staff.

5 stars: Excellent

Fantastic use of limited space

Fantastic use of limited space. Very fast and efficient service with installation in less than two weeks from processing the order. Recommend!!

5 stars: Excellent

Now seen first-hand how the reviews are…

Now seen first-hand how the reviews are so high. Excellent communication from Dylan from day 1, felt he went the extra mile for us when the colour we initially wanted got discontinued. Really impressed with the finished product, a big thanks to Masoot and his installation partner there, great attention to detail.

5 stars: Excellent


Great service reasonable prices. Ended up buying most of bespoke cabinets from them. Highly recommended

5 stars: Excellent


I have been using Aesthetix since they were a small company. Gotta say they have improved their standards and more variety. Always had fantastic service and products from the whole team.

5 stars: Excellent

I’ll definitely recommend

very pleased with the look of the wardrobes. it was completed within 2 days. Thanks to Harpreet.

4 stars: Great

They made some mistakes with our order

They made some mistakes with our order. I work from home so i could manage few extra days. They were very apologetic and manager Raj visited us next day and made quick arrangements to correct it all. Happy with end result.

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent service!

Our kitchen was designed just before lockdown...... Aesthetix furniture made it work even with some tricky available materials. They maintained social distancing strictly while installation. It did take long time to complete due to lockdown but I'm glad that it came out as we imagined without making any compromise.

5 stars: Excellent

My first thoughts after looking at…

My first thoughts after looking at their website was that they will surely be over my budget. I still gave it a shot and had a design visit booked. Sean visited us and he explained how they are a manufacturer rather than a middleman company so the end consumer receive better quality and bigger choice for competitive market prices. Some of their finishes were so great that i wish i had more bedrooms to try them out haha. Sean guided me to select colours and the designs that fits within mu budget and also explained additional accessories. I'm so glad to assign aesthetix furniture for joinery work. Highly recommended 👌

5 stars: Excellent

This was my first experience and it has…

This was my first experience and it has been a positive one. Rebecca, our designer was very helpful. Mine is an old victorian house so i was little worried if they would manage to work around that. Their installers did a magic job with all the infills making them tight and seamless against all the walls. Also received a complimentary stool for my dressing area. Really happy with my purchase and will be calling them soon for nursery room.

5 stars: Excellent

So glad I found this company

So glad I found this company! They were so professional and understanding towards my design preferences. They were efficient and the quality is amazing.

5 stars: Excellent

Don’t leave reviews often but had to be done! Amazing service! Highly recommend 🤩

We left enquiries with sharps, Hammonds and Aesthetix furniture. Aesthetix completed our loft conversion wardrobes last week (less than two weeks from enquiry) while other companies just came back to us with their prices. Absolutely happy with my new furniture.

5 stars: Excellent

Im glad they started covering whole…

Im glad they started covering whole England now. My family used then two years before in Surrey and they did an amazing job. I just placed the order for some bespoke furniture which they are coming to install all the way to Birmingham next week. ☺

5 stars: Excellent

Virtual design service was beyond my…

Virtual design service was beyond my expectations. All the details for our furniture were agreed remotely. Dylan instructed us how to take measurements for all the areas. Our furniture got installed last week and everything fitted perfectly! Very pleased with how they handled our project during pandemic. I honestly couldn't recommend them more. Most professional company I dealt with.