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Personal finance apps to help you manage your money

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

There is so much in our lives that can be uncertain and, unfortunately, personal finances are often one of those things. For many of us, finances feel complex and confusing. Research also shows that there are shifting concerns in personal finance and the way many do their banking, making it even harder to stay on top of everything.

Regardless of your current financial situation, there are many different types of personal finance apps to help you better understand and stay on top of your money. In this post, we’ve rounded up some different types of tools at your disposal.

Personal finance management apps for budgeting

Do you find yourself wondering if you’ll make it to the end of each month without using your credit card? If budgeting is something you struggle with, you’re not alone and there are great personal finance apps to help you take control of where your money goes.

You Need a Budget (annual or monthly paid subscription options) and Personal Capital (free) can help with this. Not only do they help you visualize where each of your dollars should go each month, but they help you develop better financial habits along the way. These tools teach you how to build a plan for allocating all of your money, as well as how to be prepared for the unexpected costs and adjust when life doesn’t go according to plan.

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Artificially intelligent financial assistants

Sometimes the little details are what matter when it comes to saving money, whether it’s the extra charge that accidentally caused you to get an overdraft fee, or how saving $15 each month on your electricity bill could make a big difference at the end of the year. This is where tools like Charlie (free) come in.

Charlie is an artificial intelligence (AI) finance bot that closely monitors your accounts. If you’re close to overdrawing your account, the app texts you to warn you. If your monthly payment on a bill looks higher than average for your geographic area, it’ll give you more info and suggest that you call your company and negotiate the price down. This personal finance management app can even help you put aside money for customized saving goals that you set.

If you’re a person that doesn’t like to sweat the details, an AI tool like this can be helpful for your everyday finances.

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Personal finance tools for bill monitoring

At this point subscription services like Netflix and Spotify are part of our everyday lives. The problem is how easy it is to sign up for these things and quickly forget that you’re paying them each month.

Personal finance apps that track your spending — like Truebill (free or paid premium options available) — keep track of your monthly subscription charges, making it easy to see which charges are recurring for you each month. It can help you save money to take a look at this every so often to make sure you’re canceling any services you aren’t using anymore. TrueBill is free to use but charges 40% of the money they save you.

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Investing and retirement planning with personal finance management apps

If you’re looking to focus on investment and wealth building, personal finance apps like Betterment (free to use but takes a percentage of the money you make investing through the app) and Stash (different levels of paid monthly subscriptions, depending on your goals), both offer free retirement calculators, as well as a wide range of financial services. To calculate your retirement needs, you simply enter some basic information (age, income, when you’d like to retire, etc.) and they’ll help you figure out how much you should be saving each year.

For investors that are just starting out, there are some great personal finance tools that let you get your feet wet with low financial risk. Companies like Acorns (plans ranging from $1-$5 per month) let you invest any sum of money, so you can start with very small amounts if you just want to start to get the hang of investing. They let you trade in real time and always have a quick view into how your money is doing. Apps like these let you learn the fundamentals of investing as you go, without taking significant risk.

If you’re a more experienced investor, there are tech tools to help you monitor your investments, or diversify your investment strategy, such as Blooom (paid plans available). Once you link your existing retirement account, they ask you some questions and then build you a plan for investment diversification, based on your goals. When you want to check and see how things are going, Blooom will give you different viewing options based on how detailed you want to analyze your finances. You can view your investments at a glance, or you can get more granular and look at the specifics of each investment.

Stash makes saving and investing easy

Personal loans

When life comes at you fast and you’re considering using credit cards to make ends meet, it’s worth looking into personal loan opportunities or credit & debt services as an alternative. If you’ve been laid off or need a quick financing solution, finding a personal loan with low interest rates is crucial so that you can get back on your feet. Personal finance management apps like Rocket Loans or Best Egg Personal Loans can help you with this. They offer financial solutions for liquidity needs, as well as debt consolidation, and refinancing. Taking advantage of these tools can help you better manage any existing debt and can help you spend less on interest in the long run.

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Personal finance tools for student loan refinancing

If you’re looking to refinance your student loans, companies like Education Loan Finance and Upstart can help you refinance for lower monthly payments, or pay your debt off quicker, depending on your goals.

You can also check a tool like Credible before you officially refinance. After inputting some basic information on your student loans, they’ll compare interest rates from other lenders (for free) so that you can make sure you get the best rates on your refinanced loan.

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There are endless personal finance apps at your disposal, and once you figure out what your goals are, you can find the right mix of tools to help you get there. If you’re already using financial tools to make the most of your money, leave them a review on Trustpilot to let others know which tools have helped or hurt your financial goals.

By letting businesses know what you enjoy about working with them and sharing areas where they can improve, you can provide a better experience for customers in the future and help us upgrade the world.

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