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Mission-driven companies on Trustpilot

Thursday, June 24, 2021
Mission-driven companies on Trustpilot

At Trustpilot, we want to Upgrade the World which means providing a platform for millions of people to share their experiences with businesses and other consumers. But we know we can’t do this single-handedly. Many businesses act heroically and upgrade the world everyday.

Previously, we’ve talked about green companies on Trustpilot. Now we’re looking at mission-driven companies that are effecting change on a large scale in the lives of consumers and their broader communities.

Whether it be providing customers with products that help them live healthier lives, using their profits to fundraise for charitable causes, or providing jobs and training for those who are chronically unemployed, these businesses are supporting their customers, their communities and the world.

In recent years, the spotlight has shone on how many skincare and hygiene products contain ingredients and chemicals that are harmful for humans and the environment. With this realization has come increased consumer demand for natural hygiene products, but oftentimes these products come with a high price tag. This means that many people have historically been unable to purchase products that help them live healthier.

This is why Phil Garner started Garner’s Garden in 2012 with a mission to deliver the “highest quality natural beauty products at the most affordable price.” Garner’s Garden, which is Black-owned, believes that “everyone deserves the opportunity to live a natural and healthy lifestyle” which means making natural products (meaning free of harmful or unnecessary chemicals) like toothpaste, face scrubs and hair care accessible and affordable.

Garner's Garden customer review

Whether you’re an avid book club participant, a college student in need of textbooks or looking for children's storytime books, most people buy at least a few books a year and these days it can be reflexive to purchase them on Amazon. However, organizations like Better World Books are challenging these impulses and asking consumers to buy books for a cause.

Started by Notre Dame college students who were tired of seeing discarded textbooks around campus, Better World Books sells new and used books at a fair price while using their platform to fundraise for literacy. Their Annual Literacy Grants fund literacy and educational nonprofits and the Book for Book program means that every time you purchase a book on their site, they will donate a book to someone in need. Beyond literacy initiatives, they also work towards reducing landfill waste and reuse or recycle all books that they receive. To date, Better World Books has donated over 26 million books, raised $28 million for literacy and reused/recycled over 326 million books.

Right now, Better World Books is also encouraging readers to open their mind and are dedicating space on their homepage to showcase Black writers.

Better World Books customer review

With all of the stress and anxiety in the world, many of us are looking for more reminders to breathe and stay positive. Beauty In The Brain creates metal bracelets and necklaces inscribed with positive daily reminders and affirmations as a reminder to stay positive and breathe. Beauty In The Brain began when the founder was preparing for brain surgery and made herself a bracelet inscribed with “Something Good Is About to Happen”.

She realized that many people struggle with anxiety and worry, and that daily positive reminders could help others on their journey. Beauty In The Brain also donates 10% of each purchase to Braintrust, a UK-based charity raising awareness of brain tumours, reducing diagnosis times and providing support and information for people with brain tumours.

Beauty in the Brain customer review

One of the biggest conversations happening globally is around widespread systematic disenfranchisement whether it be on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender or socioeconomic status. Jossy Eyre saw this problem acutely with women who were in shelters. These women often had trouble finding and holding jobs and lacked the skills to lead them to a life of self-sufficiency, rendering them unable to change their situation.

Eyre founded Women’s Bean Project which sells handmade and gourmet foods, gift boxes and dog treats. Their transitional employment program hires women who have struggled to obtain and maintain employment in the role of production assistant, working in the food manufacturing and packaging departments. They are provided with training and education before being promoted to a career-building role and are then given career coaching and job search training. Once locating new jobs, 93% of these formerly chronically unemployed women are still employed a year later.

Women's bean project customer review

Activewear has taken on a life of it’s own in the past 10 years, having been rebranded by models and influencers into clothing that is both functional and stylish, aka athleisure. Girlfriend Collective has responded to demand for athleisure with a social answer by offering on-trend monochromatic activewear that is made from recycled water bottles and ECONYL®, a fiber made from recycled fishing nets.

Girlfriend Collective has recently concentrated efforts on diversity and inclusion. Since founding they’ve been known for inclusive casting, using models of various sizes and ethnic backgrounds, however they’ve recently committed to give each of their employees a $200 stipend to purchase anti-racism educational materials and have announced intent to match employee donations to charitable organizations.

Girlfriend Collective customer review

Trustpilot wants to Upgrade the World through reviews and we know that everyday consumers engage with businesses that are upgrading the world through their missions. If you’ve had an experience with a business that has a social mission, you can let them know that you support their efforts, or give them suggestions for how to improve by leaving them a review on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a review platform that is open to all. The companies and profile pages referenced in this article are provided for informational purposes only and are not recommended, endorsed by, or representative of the views of Trustpilot. The Trustpilot companies linked in this post are expected to abide by Trustpilot’s Guidelines, but have not been reviewed for compliance.


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