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5 stars: Excellent

Great service

Great service. Raised a one off request to clean a site. They performed the clean within an hour.

Review of Mirafit
5 stars: Excellent

The product is of good quality and after sales too

Update : 13 Feb 2020
I received a call from Carly at customer services and they told me a replacement seat part was already in the post and on its way to me.

This morning it arrived before 9am. This is how customer service should be done. They identified my issue and resolved it quickly well done. Can recommend Mirafit for the products as well as their after sales. 5 stars.

The product is of good quality. However, the seat on the bench came with a tear in it. As I built the rack and bench I only noticed as I put together the last bit which is the seat.

The tear was enough to concern me as this is a well used area and would wear much quicker when already torn.

So I sent in a photo to customer services and they replied with a requst to send the rack and bench back. Which meant that I would have to dismantle the lot. Which is complicated due to the weight of everything and I had just thrown the boxes and packaging away.

They refused to send out just the seat part. So I accepted a £15 refund which was not ideal as I would have preferred a non damaged product.

Reply from Mirafit
Hello Pinakin
Thank you for your review.
I am sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with us.
I will try to give you a call to resolve this as soon as possible.
Thank you
Customer Service
Review of Solar Plants Ltd
5 stars: Excellent

Excellent product and service from this…

Excellent product and service from this company. From technical knowledge and answering my questions to the installation and usage, they are highly recommended

Reply from Solar Plants Ltd
Hi Pinakin Patel!

Thank you so much for your taking the time to leave us your fantastic review, we really appreciate it! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can assist you with anything in the future.
1 star: Bad

Do not use this company

In my opinion do not use this company. My car was passed onto another different company called Connect Parking without my knowledge during the booking procedure. My car was returned with a large dent in the roof and from other customer reviews they do not have a secure car park. They just park the cars in public locations. My insurance company are now chasing them, but they are not accepting liability for anything. In my opinion STAY WELL CLEAR OF THESE COWBOYS

We meet and greet and connect parking did not and have not replied to any of my contacts with them and at the end my insurance company tried to contact them and they still refused to reply or accept responsibility.

As the driver picking up the car asked me to sign a document when handing over my vehicle during the pick up. They did not say that this document does not covers liability when they take the car. In fact from what I experienced you are just signing that you have given your car to them only. No checks for initial scratch or marks were done before and after pickup. The we meet and greet website claims to have full insurance but in this case this is a lie as they pass on all responsibility to connect parking who I had no idea where going to take the car.

Review of Connectparking
1 star: Bad

My car was returned with a large dent …

My car was returned with a large dent in the roof and nw connect parking are uncontactable. Very poor service do not use

Review of Avg Help
1 star: Bad

This is a scam company stay away from them

This company trick people looking for the real support and will tell you your computer has a virus. Then will trick you into charging you £200 to repair your computer. STAY AWAY from them